The 3 most effective lawyer marketing videos



3 types videosAre you using one of the three most effective lawyer marketing videos? Nicole Abboud, founder of Abboud Media, helps attorneys grow their law practices through video marketing.

She has great insights of how to use the power of video to build your brand with your audience and grow your practice. This is the third article in our series. Please see below for the links to the previous articles.

Here she shares the 3 most effective videos to help connect you to the right type of client:


1. The Welcome Video

Your welcome video should be 2-3 minutes long and featured on the home page of your website. Consider your website as your online office.  In your welcome video, tell your story to build a connection.  You should explain who you are, what you do, and how you can help. Do not recite your resume (they can look that up on your website) but give a friendly welcome message.

2. The Legal Q&A or “How to” Video

These should be shorter videos which answer a question or give a brief explanation of a legal concept. You can address frequently asked questions (FAQ) in your area of practice.  This type of video showcases your expertise and gives people value before you even meet them. You might post these on your social media accounts and on YouTube.

3. Video in Email Newsletter

Make a short video as part of your email newsletter with any legal updates or quick tips. Send the newsletter to your friends, colleagues, and clients.


Nicole shares more tips in our next post, the What to Do in the First 8 Seconds of Your Law Marketing Video.  You can contact Nicole directly at or


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