Is your business hurricane proof? 5 things to check before one hits

As Florida residents, we have faced more than our share of hurricanes. As lawyers with a mobile law practice, we knew to set up systems so we could operate our law firm from anywhere. Any natural disaster, such as a hurricane, can be at best a minor disruption and at worst, devastating to your business. Do you have a plan to avoid one?

Here are 5 tips to make your business hurricane proof:

Keep an “In Case of Emergency” Binder

Put all your insurance policies, bank information, contact lists in a portable format to take with you. It will be easier to operate with your important information close at hand.

Backup Data

Does your computer automatically backup to the cloud? If not, it is well worth the investment to preserve your data and allow you to operate wherever you have a computer. Check to see where the cloud provider stores your data.  Is it secure? In a safe area that isn’t prone to natural disaster? For more tips on backing up data, see our post: Have a Plan for Business Data Storage.

Review your Insurance Policies

Ideally, before any natural disaster occurs, review what insurance would be necessary for your business. Look at your current business insurance policies and determine what is covered. Do you have business hazard insurance? Business interruption insurance? If you are in a flood zone, flood insurance would be a good thing to investigate.

Avoid Business Interruption

Have a plan to forward customer calls to your cell phone. There are virtual office receptionists that can handle business calls for you if you can’t answer them yourself.

Photograph Furniture and Equipment

Inventory and document your business equipment and assets.  It will be much easier to file an insurance claim if you have proof.

Hopefully you or your business won’t encounter any natural disasters, but it is nice to be prepared for one!

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