Secrets of Solo Success – Karima Gulick, Esq. Interview

Karima Gulick
Karima Gulick, Esq.

Karima Gulick, Esq.  is flying high these days with her solo practice in Orange County, CA.  She is known as “The Aviation Lawyer” on social media and focuses on aviation, patents and trademarks. She donates 5% of her profits to those who can’t afford legal services.

In addition to being charitable, Karima also has a lot of energy.  She went to law school in the evening while working full time as an aeronautical engineer. And in her free time she would like to continue her flight training and learn Mandarin!

In our interview, she shares her tips on starting a solo law practice.

Q. Why did you make the leap to start your own law firm?

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Secrets of Solo Success – Elizabeth J. Ferguson, Esq. Interview

Elizabeth J. Ferguson
Elizabeth J. Ferguson, Esq.

Elizabeth J. Ferguson is a woman who wears many hats.  Not only because the San Angelo, TX attorney must handle a variety of legal matters for her community but also because she is a hat aficionado.

She graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder and New York Law School. After practicing in New York, she settled back in her hometown to start her solo law practice. She has fully embraced social media and has a great website that incorporates video. You can check it out at

In our interview, she shares her secrets of her solo success.

Q. Why did you make the leap to start your own law firm?

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What I Wish I Knew About Solo Law Practice…An interview with Liz Johnson, Esq.

Liz Johnson Interview
Liz Johnson, Esq.

Liz Johnson has a mobile law practice, E.H. Johnson Law where she focuses on estate planning in Annapolis, Maryland. She also writes about the highs and lows of starting a solo practice in her Young, Hungry & Committed blog for Law Firm Suites. She shares her advice for the newly minted attorney: lay the right foundation for your practice, learn all you can, seek help from other attorneys, and get out and network! In our interview, she talks about the excitement a mobile lawyer can have from mastering new concepts, to thinking of creative ways to network, to being attacked by a rooster!

Q. Why did you make the leap to start your own law firm?

A. When I was still in law school, I landed a prestigious internship with a government agency.  I loved that job but it is difficult to jump back into government job.  Once I passed the bar, my temporary security clearance expired, and now I needed 3 years of experience to apply for a legal position.  After the bar, I started out doing document review but didn’t want to do that forever.  I connected with someone who said I could use the second office in their suite.  I didn’t know what I wanted to practice, didn’t have any software, didn’t have any procedures, but I quickly started hunting for books and resources on how to set up a practice.

Q. What makes your practice unique?

A.  I have a mobile law practice. After paying rent for an office I hardly used, I invested in some good tech – printer, scanner, other things.  I throw it in my car and meet people at or near their home.  My services are focused on estate planning, real estate and mediation.   For convenience, I use a virtual office suite with Law Firm Suites. Read more

What I Wish I Knew About Solo Law Practice…an interview with Karrie Bunting, Esq.


Karrie Bunting
Karrie Bunting, Esq.

Karrie Bunting has blazed her own path in the law. While she was home with 4 young children and a husband who works in law enforcement with irregular hours, she attended Northwestern California University School of Law through their online program and is now a member of the California bar. She set up her mobile law practice to serve rural Central Valley California near Bakersfield. She focuses on estate planning and even makes house calls because her clients live far away (up to 70 miles!) and some are bed-ridden.

We asked her about the highs and lows of her practice and what advice she would share with those considering starting a solo law practice. She also talks about her love for Operation Smile and how she would like to master the Thriller Dance. You can catch up with her at

Q. What advice would you tell someone who is considering solo practice?

A. DO IT. Don’t listen to the other attorneys who think you are nuts. Turn down the job offers from those same attorneys who just want you to use your smarts and know how to make THEM money. And don’t be afraid to change it up if it doesn’t work for you. Change practice areas, change hours, or even take a job if it doesn’t work out. Give yourself the time and forgive yourself if you aren’t the attorney you want to be right away.

Q. Why did you make the leap to start your own law firm? Read more