5 unique ways to maintain client connection over the holidays


As the holidays approach and life gets busier for your clients, they might not be calling you. It is still important to maintain client connection over the holiday season.

5 unique ways to connect with your clients over the holidays:

Send Holiday Greetings

A simple card thanking your clients and wishing them a happy holidays will keep you in their minds. If you have the time, a handwritten card is best, at least signing it by hand.

Under a time crunch? Email holiday greetings to your clients with your thanks and best wishes.

Want to do something unique and memorable? Add your personal touch by sharing your family traditions around the holiday, share a holiday recipe or touching story about the season.

Send a Year End Letter

Mailing or emailing a year end letter to your clients lets them know you are still thinking about them.

Are there laws or new events that might impact them? Let them know.

Should they be doing something to prepare for the new year? Advise them.

Do you have helpful reminders for your clients? Share them.

A year end letter lets your clients know that you are thinking about them and still looking for ways to help them. You can even brag a little, highlighting your firm’s accomplishments.

Advise of Special Holiday Hours

Nothing could be more frustrating than calling your attorney only to find out they are on vacation.  Alert your clients to when you are available over the holiday season or how they can connect with you in an emergency situation.

Give a Holiday “Offer”

Do you have a promotion you can “gift” to your clients? Letting clients know of 1 free hour of contract review, contract drafting, or some other service that would benefit them.

Invite Clients to Follow Social Media Accounts

You can let your clients know what social media accounts you maintain and invite them to follow you. They can see a more personal side of you through your social media posts.

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