10 Easy Tips for an Eco Friendly Home Office


Do you have an eco friendly home office? You can. Having a home office or home based business has many advantages, especially when helping the environment.  You don’t have to commute and you can organize your office to be more eco-friendly.

Once you organize a system it will be easy to maintain and be second nature.

10 steps for an eco friendly home office

  1. Use cloud-storage – Cut down on paper files by using secure cloud storage. Some providers are: 

    Box.com       www.box.com

    Carbonite     www.carbonite.com

    DropBox       www.dropbox.com

    Idrive             www.idrive.com

    OneDrive      www.OneDrive.com

    Mozy              www.Mozy.com

  2. Print on both sides of a paper.
  3. Use “draft” mode for printing when feasible.
  4. Set up recycle paper bin in your home office.
  5. Replace your lightbulbs in your office with LED lightbulbs.
  6. Buy recycled paper, toner and printer cartridges.
  7. Turn off lights, computers, printers when you leave.
  8. Find local electronic recycling centers to dispose of your computers, laptops, printers, etc.
  9. Set up conference calls or video conferencing where practical to cut down on travel.
  10. Subscribe to online versions of newspapers and magazines to reduce paper waste.

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