7 Tips on Email Engagement for Lawyers

Email engagement is important to keep you in your client’s mind. Once you have completed legal work for a satisfied client, your job should not end there. It is important to keep your client thinking about you and your practice.  Either as a resource for future legal work or to refer your services to others.

Here are 7 quick tips for successful email engagement:

  1. Keep it short.  Avoid lengthy missives on new tax law changes.  Bullet point certain ideas to communicate quickly and efficiently.
  2. Keep it simple.  You can send email from your firm’s email or use an email marketing service such as Constant Contact (www.ConstantContact.com) or MailChimp (www.MailChimp.com).  They provide easy templates to craft an email campaign.
  3. Start With A Catchy Subject Line. You want your clients to open your email so avoid a generic “This Month’s Newsletter” and instead focus on what would make them open your message.  For example, if you were a divorce attorney, you might lead with “5 Things You Should Do Following a Divorce.”
  4. Give Free, Helpful Advice.  Clients should receive something of value so put together tips, advice or war stories which may educate or inform.  If you are an estate attorney, perhaps featuring stories of celebrity estates and how to learn from their mistakes would be entertaining yet educational.
  5. Don’t Sell Yourself.  This is not an opportunity for a hard sell of your services. However make sure you provide links back to your website and include all of your contact information.
  6. Set a Schedule.  Plan a schedule of when to send timely emails. Weekly is probably too much but monthly or every 6 weeks would be sufficient.  Too many emails and you will be ignored.
  7. Don’t Forget Ethics! Before starting any email campaign, check with your state Bar Association on rules about marketing of legal services and email communications.

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