How to Cure the Boring Law Firm Business Card

blank business cardYou know the typical law firm business card? Black and white. All block letters. The Attorney’s Name and “Attorney at Law”. Not much imagination or excitement there. You want your business card to be your advertisement. You want people to understand what you do and know exactly how you can help them. Of course you need to have your basic information of name, address, telephone number. But be sure to include your website address and if you have one, your Facebook page address (for your business, not personal), your Blog address, all social media handles, etc. Under your firm’s name put a catchy tag line. For example, if you are an attorney who primarily works with small businesses, you can put “I’m your in-house counsel.” Of course, check with your state’s bar rules of what can and cannot be on your business card.

Keep in mind the brand you want to create and your target audience when crafting your business card. You can be colorful while still being professional.

And make sure to use the back of your card! It is not that much more expensive to have printing on the back and there you should either list the areas of practice you do and/or have a “Call to Action”. You know the standard TV call to action, “DON’T DELAY! ACT NOW!”? You should have a more subtle message to prompt people to reach out to you. For example, you could put “Call today for a free 1 hour consultation” or “Call me for my free article “10 Things You Should Never Do in a Divorce Situation.”

With all the technology and online graphic and printing companies you can put together an interesting card with little expense.  You may consider using quality cardstock to give your card some gravitas.  However, avoid using glossy cards because you are not able to write on them which your potential client may want to do.

Another tip: Always carry your business card!  You never know when you will meet someone who needs your services or know someone who does.  It looks unprofessional and unprepared if you don’t have your card at the ready.  Make your card memorable and one potential clients want to keep nearby.

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