Low cost alternatives to a law firm receptionist

phoneDo you need a law firm receptionist? You never want to miss a client’s call.  However, as you are busy handling your practice you must determine if it is worth hiring a receptionist. At least in the early stages of starting up your law firm, this is one cost you can delay.

If you are often not in your office, have a mobile practice, have one or more partners, need more than one phone line, or don’t want your clients to have your personal cell number, consider one of these low cost options to having a full-time receptionist.

Virtual Business Telephone Line

Research the many options for a virtual business telephone line that can be directed to your email, phone or smartphone. Most Voice Over Internet Providers (VOIPs) can provide Custom Greetings, Multiple Voicemail Boxes, Toll Free Numbers, & Call Logs.  We enjoyed having the many features to help our practice and appear more professional.

Virtual Receptionist

Another alternative that might be more pricey is a virtual office receptionist such as Ruby Receptionist. These virtual office receptionists provide a live call answering to capture prospective clients. However it is significantly cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. Compare the monthly fees for these providers to see which plan suits your needs.

A final tip…

Call your clients back immediately.  One simple thing we did as attorneys was to return calls or emails the same day. Even if we did not have a complete answer, we would promise to call them back later. Our clients were astonished that we were so responsive to them. Especially as you establish your practice, you can earn a reputation for proactive and personalized service.

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