Create a Support Group for Your Law Firm or Business

Do you have a business or law firm support group? You should.

As lawyers in a small practice, we were entrepreneurs. And as entrepreneurs, we encountered many day-to-day challenges of running our own business.  We decided to start our own business “support group.” To start, we gathered our own network of like-minded professionals where we supported each other and provided business wisdom, business start-up support, and client leads.

We met once a week for one hour to present our challenges of the week and workshop solutions amongst each other. Although we were attorneys, our group included a coffee shop owner, a real estate broker, a PR and marketing professional, and a chiropractor. Although we were in remarkably different businesses, we all had common issues of employee matters, collection issues, dealing with difficult clients, etc. We called ourselves: “The Ladies of the Round Table.” It was an invaluable resource where we would trade ideas of what has worked or hasn’t worked for us. We would also set individual weekly goals and reported our success (or failure) to make sure we kept on task.

Prior to each meeting we would have to complete a brief questionnaire:

  • Name an accomplishment, goal achieved, important contact made or problem fixed this week.
  • Name one or more things you believe held you back from being more productive this week, and why?
  • What is your number one goal to achieve next week?
  • Share one “nugget” of knowledge you acquired this week or how you solved a problem.
  • Please share one need or request (personal or business) with the group. For example, it could be contact within a certain company, name for a caregiver, recommendation for a service, etc.
  • What do you want to learn this week?

We would review each member’s answers before the meeting and during the meeting we offered advice and support. This exercise would hold our members and ourselves accountable. If we mentioned our goal was to follow-up on collections or update our website, we would be motivated to complete it before the next meeting. Having others review our goals and progress was daunting at times, but it challenged us to meet our goals. And by sharing each others business plans and goals, we understood each others business. This resulted in referring the right clients for each other’s business.

Can you put together your own support group to help your business or practice?

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