Should You Design Your Own Law Firm Website?

law firm menuAs a small business owner you need to keep all costs down.  However there are some places that money should be well spent.  One is advertising, especially having a great website to present your business.  Websites have all but replaced yellow page ads.  As an attorney, your website most likely will be the first impression you make with a potential client.  If you do not have a great website, you could be viewed as unprofessional and lose potential business.

There are two options: One, you can hire a professional website developer. This is a good choice if you are not computer savvy, have little time to maintain and update your website or want a very sophisticated website with video, secure portals, ability to accept payments, etc.

Another option is to create and maintain your own website.  We were shocked how simple it was to make our own website and we enjoyed the flexibility of changing and updating it to suit our needs. For example, as part of our marketing efforts, we did a lot of public speaking. Since we could change our website whenever we wanted, we would post dates of our monthly speaking engagements and seminars. This was much easier than having to call a website creator to make such updates.

In creating your website, highlight your expertise and visibility in the community. For example if you have written articles, include links to them on your webpage. If you will be speaking at an event, put that event information on your webpage.  If you belong to community groups or work with charitable organizations, highlight that.  Websites are also great places to put positive customer feedback and reviews.

Read our post on the Top 5 Tips for a Professional Law Firm Website to guide you on your way. There are many website creator sites on the Internet. Many have tutorials or customer support.  Here are a few to check out:







And once you have your website up and running, make sure to get the word out about it. Check out the 11 Places to Advertise Your Law Firm Website.

Good luck with your website!


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