Does a lawyer need an “Elevator Speech?”


The most important rule of marketing is effectively communicating what you do. Do you have an “Elevator Speech”? That is, can you quickly introduce yourself and what services that you provide in a quick, succinct, attention-grabbing manner and be understood? By just telling people your name and “I’m a lawyer” does not help you sell yourself.

Identify the Problem You Solve

First, you should identify what problem you solve and communicate and how you solve it. For example, we found by that by introducing ourselves as “Estate Planning Attorneys” we did not connect with most people. Either they did not know what estate planning attorneys did or assumed that you need a lot of money (the word “estate” conjures up manor houses) in order to deal with such an attorney.

So instead we would say that we help families and small businesses prepare for significant life events like disability and death and give them peace of mind. By phrasing it that way, it would likely begin a conversation where someone might talk about a situation that was happening in his or her own family or business.

Manage Perceptions

Craft your speech to manage the perceptions of your field. For example, don’t introducing yourself as a “divorce attorney.” That conjures lots of preconceived ideas and negative stereotypes. Instead say, “I keep the peace! I help families navigate the tough issues surrounding divorce for an amicable resolution.”

The more creative your introduction, the better it will be remembered and passed on to others. There are many resources on the Internet on how to effectively craft your “elevator speech.”

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