5 Reasons a Solo Lawyer Needs Vacation

Take a break!

One of the main reasons a solo lawyer or entrepreneur starts their own practice is so they will have control over their hours.  It is ironic then that some lawyers are putting in longer hours when they become their own boss.

In 2015, the BBC interviewed Americans and discovered that on average people did not take 40% of their entitled vacation.  And that is vacation an employer would give an employee!  Business owners take much less time off themselves.


As difficult as it seems, taking time for yourself, and away from your office, may be the healthiest thing you can do for you and your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should schedule that vacation:

  • Gain Perspective – Getting away from the daily pressure of deadlines, business challenges, difficult clients gives you a break to look at things differently.  Sometimes by getting away from a problem, allows you to brainstorm a solution.


  • Discover New Ideas. Giving yourself a break permits you to pursue other interests and ideas.  You can step away and learn more about law practice management, discover a new social media that might target your client base, learn more about SEO or technology to improve your practice, or research a new area of law or business to add to your practice or enterprise.

  • Identify Problems.  It is a good idea to walk away from your business to make sure your systems are working. Are emails and voicemails being captured? Are your online schedulers working properly? See if your office can still operate without you being there every day.


  • Take a Break.  If you don’t rest and recharge, you face the danger of burn out. Constant stress is bad for the body and can lead to poor decision making and illness.  Wouldn’t you rather take a few days hiking in nature than taking a few days off for sickness? If you are under stress, read our post 4 Surefire Ways to Achieve Better Stress Management.


  • Because You Can. No really, you can. You have technology working for you.  You know if you take a vacation – even a mini-break – you can still be alerted to any crisis or emergency.  Although, to throughly relax and disconnect, try to check your phone once a day.

Remember why you went into business in the first place. So enjoy your time off to relax, renew and recharge yourself!


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