Lawyer Testimonials: What Do Your Clients Think Of You?

?Lawyer testimonials are a tricky thing.  Most bar associations do not allow lawyers to advertise testimonials for work they have performed.  Yet there are other ways potential clients can find out about you with a few keystrokes.

Online Reviews

Websites such as and allow clients to rate the attorneys and give comments about them.  Positive reviews certainly will help future clients consider hiring you.  You will have to register and give background information about you and your practice.

You can also set up social media accounts such as Facebook where clients can leave reviews about your services.

Once registered, you should ask your past clients to review you.  Keep checking those sites to know what is being said about you and your firm.

Client Feedback

Another great way is to get instant feedback from your client when closing a matter.  When meeting face to face, ask them what their experience was and if they would recommend you to others.  If not, find out why and how you can improve.  It is good practice in a closing letter to ask for suggestions to improve your practice.  And don’t forget to remind them if they are satisfied with your work to refer you to others.

Do not assume that if you don’t hear any complaints, your clients have had a great experience. You might be surprised what you find!


Catherine Hodder, Esq. and Kelly C. Sturmthal, Esq., authors of Law Office on A Laptop: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Mobile Law Practice, provide practical e-books, advice and support for solo practitioners and entrepreneurs.

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