Why a Lawyer Needs to Use Video Marketing Now

video marketing nowNicole Abboud, founder of Abboud Media, likes helping attorneys more than practicing law.  She started as a family lawyer and then launched a solo law practice. As she mastered social media marketing, she discovered that she was much happier in promoting legal services and helping attorneys than running her own law firm. Based in Los Angeles, Abboud Media helps lawyers develop their brand and grow their practices through video marketing.

She is also a disrupter in the legal industry. Her podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer, helps young attorneys navigate the highs and lows of careers in the law. She shares stories of lawyers finding unconventional paths to success and those that use their JD’s to forge a new venture.

Since she likes to help attorneys build their practices, she has agreed to share her wisdom.

Q. Why should a lawyer use video marketing?

A. While there are many ways to market through social media, video is becoming the preferred method of content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, video has 10 times more engagement than blogs or posts, which is an important analytic.

By using video, you can establish the “Know, Like and Trust” factor. You become more authentic and human to your audience and you can make a real connection. You can showcase your personality which is important in hiring a lawyer.

And you can also connect with the right type of client and build the brand you want.

Finally, right now there are few lawyers doing it and doing it well.  You can establish yourself with a great online presence.

Q. What if a lawyer is shy or doesn’t look like a model?

A. If you don’t feel natural in front of a camera, practice doing it until you get comfortable. We help our clients by prepping them so they are at ease and can let their personality show. It is more important to be authentic than good looking.  It doesn’t matter what you look like, but what valuable information you share.  Your client is going to meet you eventually.

Q. How long should a video typically be?

A. A 1-3 minute video is a safe length as people may not have the attention span to view a longer video. However, if the information is valuable enough, it can be longer.

Nicole shares more tips in our post, A Lawyer’s Plan for Video Marketing.  You can contact Nicole directly at www.AbboudMedia.com or Nicole@abboudmedia.com.

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