How to Get Your Legal Clients to Love You

love letter

How can you court your legal clients? “I love my lawyer” is a phrase rarely uttered these days (or any days, really).

Here are 5 C’s to remember to have your legal clients showing you some love (and hopefully recommending you to others):


The number one complaint of clients is that their attorney does not keep them apprised of their case.  Consistent updates either once a month or once a week depending on the case will go a long way to ensure your client is comfortable and confident that you value their concerns. Also, be sure to follow up, not only on the issue you handled for them but perhaps forward them an article or information that may be of interest.  For example, if you have represent an owner of a business and they are featured favorably in a news article, it would be nice to send them the clipping with a quick note of congratulations.


Can you meet your clients on their schedule?  Can you meet outside the office, perhaps at their place of business? Are you able to meet outside of typical working hours so your clients who can’t get away from their work can still use your services?  Can you accommodate clients who may need to bring their children or elderly parents with them?

Credit cards

Accepting credit cards or allowing payment installments can help your clients afford your services.  We found that a client coming in for a will only might consider other documents such as a Durable Power of Attorney or Advanced Medical Directive if they could pay for these services over time.

Common Interests

When clients come to your office do they see a stereotypical lawyer’s office with the framed diplomas, law library, and conference room?  Make your personality show in your office.  For example, if you are an avid fisherman, have photos of your trophy fish.  If you are a marathon runner, display your medals and photos.  Clients like to feel they are on the same footing with their attorney.  Sharing common interests can make them more comfortable and they can let down their guard when communicating with you.


Everyone loves snacks.  Offering your clients water or coffee is typical and somewhat expected.  But can you have other snacks on hand such as granola bars or cookies to make your clients feel special. Little treats can go a long way to make your clients happy and comfortable.

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