7 Tips to Beat Loneliness in Solo Law Practice


Lonely LawyerHaving a solo law practice is great!  It is wonderful to be your own boss and call all the shots.  The downside is that there may be no one to listen to you.  Although it is rewarding to hang out your own shingle, it can get lonely.

Here are some ideas to get you connected with others in your field to share the highs and lows of solo law practice:

1. Find Lawyer Groups to Network With

You will find that your state bar association has many groups and divisions of like-minded attorneys who meet in your area. Join a couple of events to meet other attorneys.  You may gain insights to improve your practice and perhaps a few referrals as well.

2. Attend Networking Events

There are many business to business networks or Chamber of Commerce organizations that organize networking events. Try a few and see which ones you enjoy and try to meet other professionals. They may have sound business advice and can refer clients to you once they know about you.

3. Connect with a Mentor

If you don’t have mentor, find one!  Checking in with an experienced practitioner is a great way to keep your progress in check and to bounce ideas off him or her.  It is helpful to get advice from someone who has been in your shoes.  Generally, lawyers are happy to help others in the business. You just have to get the courage to ask.

4. Tap into Social Media

Find other solo practitioners who are in your field.  They do not necessarily have to practice near you. You can see their personality and knowledge by what they post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Connect with a few and tap into their knowledge and experiences. Because they aren’t local, they may be more forthcoming if they do not view you as direct competition.

5. Create Your Own Support Group

Put together your own group of lawyers or other professionals to advise you and help you grow your solo law practice.  Read our post  Create Your Own Support Group to get started.

6. Call Someone for a Cup of Coffee

Get out of your office and meet someone for coffee, breakfast or lunch.  You will enjoy the company and network at the same time. Search for professionals in your area that you might learn something from such as marketing, social media, or technology.  They will probably share some free advice to help you in your business.

7. Phone a Friend

Some days are just tough.  You may be frustrated when dealing with a client who will never be satisfied, getting talked down to by a judge or another attorney, or wondering why you are working so hard but feel you have little to show for it.  Reach out to family and friends for encouragement.  Talking to people outside the law business can give you good perspective that one bad day is one bad day and things will get better.

What do you do when you are feeling lonely? Add any great suggestions in the comments below.

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