What is a Mobile Law Practice?

Law Office on a LaptopWe are attorneys who started our own mobile law practice. As parents of young children, we needed a way to start our practice with low overhead and ultimate workplace flexibility.  As our practice grew, we knew we wanted to tell other attorneys about our unique business model.

We want to encourage and support other attorneys who want to have more control over the law they practice, the hours they work, and they money they make.

What is a Mobile Law Practice?

Essentially, it is being a law practice that is available when your clients need you. Structuring your practice as a Mobile Law Office allows you the flexibility to go to your clients, to work from your home office or to move to different offices. With today’s technology, the options are limitless.   The benefits are low overhead costs, flexibility, and clients happy with lawyers “on call.”

We structured our Mobile Law Office so we could work from our home offices, keep our overhead costs down, and meet our clients at their homes or offices. Since we focused on estate planning and business planning, our clients were families and business owners.  So therefore going to a client’s home or office was extremely convenient for them.  Our clients loved our “house calls.”   They soon realized that fancy offices meant higher fees.

As our business took off and we realized that we were on to something.  Our clients were happy with our personalized service and they recommended us to others. And most importantly, we could work the hours we wanted to and have more control over our life.

Many attorneys that we encountered loved our “Mobile Law Office” concept and wanted to know how they could do it. So we wrote a book!   Law Office A Laptop: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Mobile Law Practice is on Amazon.com.

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