What to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Top 5 Mothers Day Gifts!

mothers day


When you ask your mother what she would like for Mothers Day, she will smile and say “nothing, dear.”  Now that we are moms, we know that is not true.  Moms love to be recognized on their special day!  While macaroni necklaces and charred breakfast in bed (that Mom has to clean up later) are touching symbols of love, here some other ideas:


The Top 5 Most Wanted Mothers Day Gifts

1) Spa Day –  Think massages, facials, even just a gift certificate for a mani/pedi can give a mom the break she truly needs.

2) Car Wash – Not a gift certificate for a car wash but take her car for a top of the line detail (or at least get the raisins and cheerios out of the back seat).  If you want to be fancy, spring for the vanilla air freshener.

3) Prepared Food – Get her favorite takeout or buy something that is already prepared.  Think cut up fruit arrangements like Edible Arrangements or a breakfast muffin and jam basket from Wolfermans. Something that she can easily serve and enjoy.

4) Gift Cards to her Favorite Coffee or Lunch Place –  Moms love coffee, especially when they don’t have to make it themselves.  Or give Mom a gift card that she can go out to lunch with a friend.

5) The Latest Best-Selling Book & Time to Enjoy It – Whether she is into romance by her favorite author, or likes biographies on politicians, giving her a book will let her take a much-needed break.  Also plan to take the kids out on errands or away for a few hours. Give her some alone time to enjoy. If she is a new mom, perhaps a magazine – new moms don’t have much time to relax!

However, what Mom wants most is to be with (or at least hear from) her children.  So make sure you visit her or give her a call.  But keep in mind, if you must make her breakfast in bed, clean up the kitchen!


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