Tips for Online Reviews for Lawyers

thumbs upDo you know what your clients are saying about you and your law practice?  Online reviews for lawyers are a common and critical way for potentials clients to hire you. You should incorporate into your practice ways for happy clients to recommend you to differentiate yourself in a competitive field.

According to a survey by FindLaw “Not only are two-thirds of consumers more likely to hire lawyers with online reviews, 59 percent of people report using online reviews when choosing professionals, including lawyers” And if your law practice targets Millennials, according to FindLaw, 71 percent have used online reviews for professional services.

Tips for Online Reviews for Lawyers

First, you should determine what reviews, if any, are out there on your practice.  Search your name and firm name on the internet to see what comes up.

Second, you should set up places where a client can leave a positive review, for example, a Facebook page or AVVO Account.  You should make it easy for a client to leave a good testimonial.

Third, make it a practice to get feedback from clients when you are concluding representation.  Ask your client several questions about your practice, how their case was handled, the quality of work product and the quality of communication.  You can direct satisfied clients to those places where they can leave glowing reviews.  If you have dissatisfied clients, you can take the opportunity then and there to rectify any negative impressions.

Finally, if you do receive negative reviews, think twice about responding. It can be difficult to come across as professional if you let unfortunate comments get to you.  Most times, people dismiss outrageous negative reviews. Unless there was a clear misunderstanding or misrepresentation should you give a brief response outlining the facts.

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