Optimal Home Office File Organization

Filing must be the most hated and mundane activity.

One huge advantage of running a small business or law firm is that you can reduce the amount of paper generated by sending files, emailing and texting.  However, there will always be papers around that need sorting, tossing or filing.

Around tax time is a good time to re-organize your filing system.  As long as you are going through files, you can see what you need to keep and what you can discard. And you can rearrange files so you can easily access what you need.

In your office, triage your files on what are you working on now and what can be archived. Then focus your attack on conventional files and computer files.

Conventional Filing

Pull out a file, discard unnecessary duplicates or extraneous items.  Even better, identify what you do need to retain and scan them into your computer cloud storage. Shred any unwanted documents.

Computer Filing

Even though your computer may have the ability to store unlimited files,  that doesn’t mean you should keep everything.  You will have difficulty finding what you do need if you have to sort through many unrelated files.  Also when you are busy, you most likely will place something in the wrong folder.  Click on each folder, and verify that all files in that folder are where they should be, delete any unnecessary files or make sub-folders for better identification.

There are many cloud based computer storage and retrieval systems. Here are a few to check out:













Taking the time now to reduce your files and put files where they belong will reward you in the future.

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