Secrets of Solo Success – Karima Gulick, Esq. Interview

Karima Gulick
Karima Gulick, Esq.

Karima Gulick, Esq.  is flying high these days with her solo practice in Orange County, CA.  She is known as “The Aviation Lawyer” on social media and focuses on aviation, patents and trademarks. She donates 5% of her profits to those who can’t afford legal services.

In addition to being charitable, Karima also has a lot of energy.  She went to law school in the evening while working full time as an aeronautical engineer. And in her free time she would like to continue her flight training and learn Mandarin!

In our interview, she shares her tips on starting a solo law practice.

Q. Why did you make the leap to start your own law firm?

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Starting a Solo Law Practice? Enter the Goodreads Giveaway

We are so excited for the release Law Office on a Laptop, Second Edition: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Law Mobile Law Practice that we are giving away copies in a Goodreads Giveaway.

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Law Office on a Laptop by Catherine Hodder

Law Office on a Laptop

by Catherine Hodder & Kelly C. Sturmthal

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In our second edition, we have added over 20% more advice, resources and inspiration.

With sample forms, helpful links, website information and checklists, this book has mapped out everything an attorney needs to set up their mobile law practice for success.

• Considerations for Your Practice

• Setting up Forms and Procedures

• Evaluating Systems and Software

• Marketing Yourself and Getting Clients

• Marketing with Social Media

• State by State Guide for Law Practice Management

• 10 Tips for a Successful Solo Law Practice

In addition to helpful links and resources, this book provides checklists of Goals and Opportunities to pursue so that you will have a concrete plan of action to start or enhance your own law practice. Note: The e-book version has clickable links to referenced websites.

Advanced Reviews:

“…a great resource for any professional who is thinking about striking out on their own.” – Karrie Bunting, Esq.

“…a book that impressively covers all the aspects of a law practice that one ought to think about before opening up shop…” – Liz Johnson, Esq., author of the Young, Hungry and Committed blog for lawyers.

“There are many questions when you start a practice and this book gets them covered” – Hope Wood, Esq.

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The Law Entrepreneur Podcast

The Law Entrepreneur Podcast with Neil Tyra, covers what law school didn’t teach you about running a business. Neil is a lawyer and entrepreneur and puts together topical podcasts for solo law practitioners. He shares the latest tips and technologies to help lawyers run their practice.

We were honored to talk to him about how 2 moms with law degrees and a laptop started our mobile law practice in South Florida. We put our experiences into a blueprint and published Law Office on a Laptop, Second Edition: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Law Mobile Law Practice.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Among the topics we covered were:

  • How we started our “Law Office on a Laptop” mobile law office
  • Making “house calls” to clients at their homes or offices
  • What we did to market our practice
  • What technology and software we used in our practice
  • How someone, especially a woman, can take a break from law practice and come back better than ever
  • The importance of finding mentors

Listen for other great podcasts by Neil Tyra at The Law Entrepreneur Podcast.

Want more tips and advice for your awesome law practice? Check out Law Office on a Laptop, Second Edition: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Law Mobile Law Practice.


Secrets of Solo Success – Elizabeth J. Ferguson, Esq. Interview

Elizabeth J. Ferguson
Elizabeth J. Ferguson, Esq.

Elizabeth J. Ferguson is a woman who wears many hats.  Not only because the San Angelo, TX attorney must handle a variety of legal matters for her community but also because she is a hat aficionado.

She graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder and New York Law School. After practicing in New York, she settled back in her hometown to start her solo law practice. She has fully embraced social media and has a great website that incorporates video. You can check it out at

In our interview, she shares her secrets of her solo success.

Q. Why did you make the leap to start your own law firm?

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Do lawyers need professional liability insurance?

Do you need professional liability insurance for your law practice? When you set up a law practice you face a lot of start up expenses.  One of the most costly being professional liability insurance.

knight shield


Is it required?

Not all states require attorneys to carry professional liability insurance.

Some jurisdictions allow a lawyer to forgo professional liability insurance.  However, first they must advise a client. Then they need to get a client’s written acknowledgement that they have been so advised. Check with your state bar rules. Know what your state mandates.

Even if your jurisdiction doesn’t require professional liability insurance, it still may be wise to get insurance for peace of mind.

Is it necessary?

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