Entrepreneurial Tip: Showcase Knowledge

Find your niche and talk about it!

Getting customers and clients should be any business owners #1 priority.  One way to attract interest in your business is to communicate your experience and expertise to others so they seek you out.

Write Articles

Consider writing articles for free placement in newspapers, magazines, blogs or websites. Everyone is looking for content. Make sure you are not “selling” what you do but give valuable advice and practical tips. For example, if you are a realtor, you could write about how to stage a house or give your home “curb appeal”.  If you are a landscaper, you could write about low maintenance plants.  If you are an interior designer, you could write about how to accessorize a room.  At the end of the article you can put a description of your business and your contact information as part of your byline. There are many tips you could provide the public on your area of expertise. Even general articles give you exposure to potential clients.

Hold Seminars

Another way is to hold seminars on what you do.  My law partner and I started monthly “Coffee Talk” meetings where we would invite the community to a meeting in a popular local coffee shop.  We would present topics of interest and be available to answer questions.  Those talks gave us a lot of exposure to the community and we were able to introduce ourselves and our services.  It is a good idea to get contact information on your attendees so you can keep in touch with them, send them newsletters or email.  Be sure to get their permission to email them before you put them on your email distribution list.  Becoming an expert and sharing your knowledge will help attract customers to your business.

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