Use Social Media to Target Your Ideal Law Client

In starting a law practice you want to handle all clients that come in the door. But as you hone your practice, you come to recognize your ideal client.

You should have a really clear picture of who your ideal law client is.  You should know their background, education, and interests.

Once you identify this, you can determine how best to market to this client. Using social media is an effective and low cost way of reaching your ideal law client.

If you are a family law attorney and you find your clients are mostly women, consider using the social media site, Pinterest. According to a 2016 study by the Pew Research Foundation, over 2 times as many women than men use Pinterest.

If you want to reach younger adults, try marketing through Instagram. Although 32% of adults use Instagram, 59% are under the age of 30.

Do you want to reach older adults? Consider Facebook where 62% of adults age 65 or older use Facebook.

You can read the Pew Research Study here Social Media Update 2016. Some interesting findings:

Social Media Statistics

79% internet users use Facebook

32% internet users use Instagram

31% internet users use Pinterest

29% internet users use LinkedIn

24% internet users use Twitter

Once you decide where you want to put your social media efforts, develop a clear strategy of marketing to your audience.

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