How to thank referral sources

As any attorney knows, referrals are crucial to your practice.  Your referral sources can provide well qualified prospective clients to you and provide potential clients who already having confidence in your services.

Bar associations have strict guidelines about what gifts you can give to referral sources. Sometimes a well crafted, hand-written, “thank you” note is much more sincere and appreciated.

The note can be very simple but keep in mind the following.  First, do not make it a sales letter. The note should convey your gratitude not plug your business. Second, do not disclose any confidential information.  Finally, keep it short and sweet.

We have provided a sample below.


Dear __________:

I wanted to personally thank you for your referral of [NEW CLIENT] to our firm.

After careful review of their situation, I am looking forward to helping them in their matter.

I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me by giving them my name. I will do my best to provide any referrals of yours with the best possible service.




It is important to show gratitude for those who support you and your practice.  Otherwise, where would you be without them?


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