A Lawyer’s Video Marketing Plan


lawyer video planConsidering a video marketing plan your law practice? Nicole Abboud, founder of Abboud Media, has great insights of how to use the power of video to build your brand and grow your law practice. If you didn’t read our earlier post Why Should a Lawyer Use Video Marketing, you really should.


Here is her 5-step plan for video marketing.

1. Strategy

 Have a plan of what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach. Nicole has 3 commandments: Know yourself, know your purpose, and know your audience.

– Know Yourself – What do you want to be known for? What is your brand? How do you want to frame yourself as a lawyer?

– Know Your Purpose – Is your purpose to educate, entertain, inform, or build brand awareness?  What do you want them to do at the end of the video? Contact you for your services? Sign up for your blog or newsletter.

– Know Your Audience – Who do you want to view these videos? Where does your target market get their information?  Are your clients on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

2. Content

What are you going to talk about? As Nicole aptly points out, lawyers are usually not at a loss to talk about something! What information do you want to convey? You can answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) in your practice area. It gives value to the viewer and cuts down on time when you meet them as a client.  Think about what you usually explain to your clients in the first meeting and use that as a basis for your talk.  You can also talk about hot topics in the news (called news jacking).  Explaining the ways laws work behind the headlines shows you are on top of trends and an expert in your field. Another area is to provide “How To” tips for your viewers. Give them some value for viewing your video and convey your knowledge about a subject matter.

3. Time

Consider the time commitment for videos. Do you have time to create and edit videos on your own or is it more efficient to outsource?  It may save you time and stress by hiring a consultant to fine tune videos, work out the kinks of audio, and help you convey a professional image.

4. Consistency

If you want use YouTube to its full potential and benefit from its engagement, can you maintain a schedule of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly videos? Once you build an audience, there will be an expectation for your content. If you do not have the time and stamina, you may prefer to use one video on your website as an introduction.

5. Promotion & Publicity

Creating the video is not enough. You must promote the video on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).  You should also send it to your friends, associates and clients.


Nicole shares more tips in our next post, The 3 Most Effective Lawyer Marketing Videos.  You can contact Nicole directly at www.AbboudMedia.com or Nicole@abboudmedia.com.


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