What Do I Do With a Law Degree?

Got your law degree? Congratulations!

grad capNow what?

Are you where you want to be in your career? Are you tired working for a large firm with no control over your hours? Did you take a break from law? Postpone your legal career in order to start a family or care for a loved one? Did you just graduate and realize that law school did not teach you about how to start or manage a law practice?

Have you considered starting a Mobile Law Practice?

A Mobile Law Practice is a law practice that is available when your clients need you. Structuring your practice as a Mobile Law Practice allows you the flexibility to go to your clients, to work from your home office or to move to different offices.

With today’s technology, the options are limitless. When you structure your Law Office on a Laptop, you have control over your hours, your overhead, and your life.

When we started our Mobile Law Practice, we were amazed how many of our clients embraced our business concept!  They loved the convenience of us making “house calls.” They realized that if they were visiting us in a fancy office, their legal fees would be higher.

In dealing with busy entrepreneurs and small business owners, they did not have time for face to face meetings. They preferred emails and teleconferences.  This allowed us to keep our overhead costs low and work from our home offices which were more convenient for us.LawOfficeBook2

We created this resource manual, Law Office on A Laptop: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Mobile Law Practice,  from a desire to share our experiences of starting our own Mobile Law Practice to educate others.  Although we have tailored this for those in the legal profession, an entrepreneur could use this for a business on the go. Read the reviews here.

Is a mobile law practice right for you? Find out at Amazon.com.

Catherine Hodder, Esq. and Kelly C. Sturmthal, Esq., authors of Law Office on A Laptop: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Mobile Law Practice, provide practical e-books, advice and support for solo practitioners and entrepreneurs.


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